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Luxury Key West Vacation Rental Condo on the Beach! (2 Bedroom / 2 Bath - Sleeps 6)
Pirate Scooters - Free Gas and Refills

877-PIRATE-6 or 305-295-0000
Address: 401 Southard Street,

Key West, Florida

It's no secret that the streets are a little constricted and parking can be hard to find downtown at Duval Street.  The best solution to the problem is by renting a bike or scooter from Pirate rentals.  

They have a well trained staff waiting to assist you.  Their rentals include:  Scooters, bikes, and electric cars.  Damage waivers offered as well.

They are located just off of Duval St. in close proximity to the Green Parrot Saloon.
Cyleade Motorcycle & Scooter Rentals
They have Harley motorcycles for rent!
(305) 294-9990
1910 N. Roosevelt - Key West, FL 33040

Cyleade has quality Harleys for rent.  Turn some heads when you cruise around Key West on your beautiful Harely Chopper rental.  Cyleade also has Scooter rentals for the more conservative customer.

The Bike Shop - In business for over 33 years.

1110 Truman Ave.
Key West, Florida 33040
The Bike Shop brings over thirty plus years of experience and a mom and pop attitude when it comes to servicing their customers.   Their main business in selling and servicing bikes but they offer a quality line of bikes for you to rent.

Their bike rental rates are $12 per day or they offer a discounted weekly bike rental rate of $60 for a week.  They include safety helmets, chain locks and carry baskets with each rental.

Sunshine Rentals - Four Locations to Choose From
(305) 294-9990
1910 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
Key West, Florida 33040-3632
With four locations to choose from plus the largest visitor center on the island, Sunshine Rentals is a great place to rent a bike or scooter.   They have two seat scooters and bikes available along with two, four and six seat electric cars for rent.  They also have Harleys for rent.

Key West Services - Service is in our Name!

(305) 295-7777
Rents bikes, scooters and electric cars.   They will deliver right to your condo or hotel.  They will pick up or deliver free of charge.  They also offer roadside assistance and a free first tank of gas.
Fantastic Resort Accommodation in Key West, Florida!  (2 Bedroom / 2 Bath - Sleeps 6)
Bike Rentals Key West - Featuring the largest selection of bikes on the island!

(305) 296-1600
Bike Rentals of Key West offers one of the largest selections of bike rentals on the island.  The offer long term discounted rates and advance reservation discounted rates. 

You can save anywhere from 5% on a 14 day advance bike rental reservation all the way up to a whopping 25% discount for bike rental reservations made 6 months in advance.
They will also deliver free right to your condo.
Island Bicycles - In business for over 13 years!

(305) 292-9707
Island Bicycle rentals pride themselves on their service and  solid reputation.  They are a smaller shop but offer a good range of bike rentals to choose from.  They offer competitive bike rental rates listed below:

Bike Rental Rates
Road Bicycles............$25 per day/ $125 per week
Beach Cruisers............$10 per day/ $50 per week
Mountain Bikes............$15 per day/ $75 per week
Kids Bicycles............  $10 per day/ $50 per week
Pull behind Trailers.......$15 per day/ $75 per week
3 Wheel Tricycles..........$15 per day/ $75 per week
Tandem Bikes............$25 per day/ $125 per week
Baby-Seat Bikes............$15 per day/ $75 per week
Eaton Bikes - Featuring great rates and free delivery!
Eaton Bike rentals offers a wide selection of bikes to choose from with prices as low as $40 for a weekly bike rental.   The offer free delivery and have helmets and baby seats available.

You will need to reserve your bike in advance except for the cruiser lineup which they always have in stock.  They also offer discounted rates for longer term bike rentals.  Eaton Bike Rentals features some of the best deals on a Key West bike rental we've found.

Eaton Bikes Weekly Bike Rental Rates
3 Wheel Trike          $65
Men's Cruiser          $55
Ladies Cruiser         $55
Men's Hybrid           $85
Ladies Hydrid          $85
Pull Trailer               $65
Tandem Seats          $85
Mountain Bikes        $85
Boy Cruiser             $45
Girls Cruiser            $40
Trail a Bike              $45
Ladies with kids seat    $65
Men's with kids seat     $65
Road Bike               $135
By far the most popular and fun way to get around the scenic island is with a Key West bike rental.  There are a large number of bike rental businesses scattered around the island.

If this is your first trip to the island you will soon discover why a bike rental is the best way to get around.   The island is very congested and parking is almost non-existent in the busier areas of town.

Many of the bike rental companies will offer free delivery to your hotel or condo rental.   Some of the bike rental outfits will even offer a substantial discount if you reserve your bikes well in advance.

You will also see quite a few of the open air electric cars around town.   They are also a fun way to get around but are fairly expensive and they won't solve the parking problem.  We've assembled a list of the most popular bike rental outfitters on the island.

Key West Bike Rentals - Scooter Rentals - Electric Car Rentals

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Bike Rentals in Key West

Bikeman Bike Rentals Key West -
featuring 5 convenient locations 

305. 587.1783
Bikeman Bike Rentals features nine different Key West locations to
better serve their customers.  They also offer some of the lower priced bikes rentals that we've found.  They even offer better pricing if you can take advantage of their group bike rental specials.   (call for a quote)

They offer cruiser bike rentals for just $10 per day for rentals longer that one day.  Kids bikes are as low as $5 per day or $25 for a week.  We have found better long term deals but if you're looking at a shorter term rental they may be the cheapest.  

They have a fairly wide selection of bike rentals to choose from.   Everything from tandem bikes, 8 speeds, bikes with kid seats, 3 wheelers, bikes with trailers, kids bikes and even a few more exotic models.   They include helmets, chain locks, lighting, carry baskets and the same bell you used as a kid.

You can rent bikes from Bikeman at the following Key West locations:
Southernmost Hotel,
Southernmost Beach Resort,
The Casa Marina Resort,
Coconut Beach Resort,
The Reach Resort,
Santa Maria Resort,
Red Doors Gallery,
Miami Subs,
Sunshine Rentals,
Sunshine Rentals, 1910 North Roosevelt Blvd. 
Key West tandem bike rental.
Yellow Key West bike rental.
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Call for more info or for Condo Rental Availability -  (218) 966-1033
Call for more info or for Condo Rental Availability -  (218) 966-1033
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