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Directions to Key West from the Miami or Fort Lauderdale Airports

Key West Travel Options
There are a number of Key West travel options available to choose from if you are planning a trip to Key West.  

The option you choose will largely depend on your time frame and budget.
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  First Travel Option - Direct Flight into Key West

You can choose to fly directly into the Key West International Airport which is located just a couple of miles from our 1800 Atlantic Key West Resort. This is the best option if money isn't a big issue for you or you place a premium on your time. 

One thing to consider when flying into Key West is the money you could save on a rental car.  The island is fairly small and rather congested during the peak seasons. 

A great option is to walk depending on your location or to rent bikes for the duration of your stay.  The buses or taxi services are also great options if you fly directly to the island.
  Second Travel Choice - Book your flight into the Miami Airport

This option could save you a fair amount of money depending on the airfair rates or if you are traveling with a family.   Be prepared to spend 3  to 4 hours (if the traffic is bad) on the road to get to Key West if you choose this option.  

If you've never made the overseas highway  trip it's worth making the drive just to see the scenery at least one time.    You will have to rent a car if you choose this option which will give you the advantage of being able to explore the rest of the Keys if you so choose.
Third Travel Choice - Fly into the Fort Lauderdale International Airport

This option is often the least expensive and it's usually cheaper than flying into the Miami Airport depending on the flight prices.   The Fort Lauderdale airport is also quite a bit smaller than the Miami airport so it's quite a bit easier to navigate.

If you choose this option you will want to factor in an extra 45 minutes of driving compared to the Miami airport.   
The average driving time to Key West from the Fort Lauderdale airport is usually between a 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hour trip.  * * Sunday afternoons are usually the busiest for traffic.  
Fourth Travel Choice - Take the Key West Express from Fort Myers
The Key West Express is a great way to travel to Key West.   The 3 1/2 luxury boat ride departs from Fort Myers and Marco Island each day at 8:30 am.   Trips start for as little as $125 round trip.   Their boat feature a full service bar, air conditioning,  big screen Tv's and snack bar.
The Key West Express Ferry Boat.

Best Directions to Get to Key West from the Miami or Fort Lauderdale Airports

Driving Instructions -

best driving directions to Key West from the Miami or Fort Lauderdale airports

  is to take the South Florida Turnpike which will save you time and also some unneeded stress.  

The Turnpike option is better than taking the I-95 interstate which is usually clogged with traffic.  Stay on the South Florida Turnpike until it ends, which is at the US-1  exit.  Continue south onto US-1 which will take you all the way  to Key West.  

To get to our 1800 Atlantic resort property, when you get to Key West simply hang a left off the overseas highway onto South Roosevelt Blvd.   After 1 1/2 miles Roosevelt will merge into Bertha Street which veers to the right. 

The building that you will see on your immediate left after merging onto Bertha Street is part of the 1800 Atlantic resort complex. (It's  the C building)   Follow Bertha Street for one block and take the first left onto Atlantic Blvd.  the entrance is just a couple hundred feet on your left.

If you do decide to take  the South Florida Turnpike to Key West you may want to consider purchasing a pre-paid toll pass on-line before you get to Florida.  You can purchase this toll pass from SunPass in advance at:  https://www.sunpass.com/rentalcar   Check with your rental car cojm

You will save $25% on the cost of your tolls with the pass and you also will not have to stop at any of the toll boths since the card will work electronically when you pass by a toll booth.
Rental car & driving directions to Key West from Miami or Fort Lauderdale.
Directions to the 1800 Atlantic Resort in Key West.
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