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Key West tandem bike rental

Have a Great Time With a Key West Bike Rental!

By far the most popular and fun way to get around the scenic island is with a Key West bike rental.  There are a large number of bike rental businesses scattered around the island.  If this is your first trip to the island you will soon discover why a bike rental is the best way to get around.   The island is very congested and parking is almost non-existent in the busier areas of town.

Many of the bike rental companies will offer free delivery to your hotel or condo rental.   Some of the bike rental outfitters will even offer a substantial discount if you reserve your bikes well in advance.

You will also see quite a few of the open air electric cars around town.   They are also a fun way to get around but are fairly expensive and they won't solve the parking problem.  Below you will find a comprehensive list of the most popular bike rental outfitters on the island.
Key West Bike, Scooter, Electric Car - Rental Outfitters
Bikeman Bike Rentals Key West - featuring 8 convenient locations 

305. 587.1783
Bikeman Bike Rentals features nine different Key West locations to better serve their customers.  They also offer some of the lower priced bikes rentals that we've found.  They even offer better pricing if you can take advantage of their group bike rental specials.   (call for a quote)

They offer cruiser bike rentals for just $10 per day for rentals longer that one day.  Kids bikes are as low as $5 per day or $25 for a week.  We have found better long term deals but if you're looking at a shorter term rental they may be the cheapest.  

They have a fairly wide selection of bike rentals to choose from.   Everything from tandem bikes, 8 speeds, bikes with kid seats, 3 wheelers, bikes with trailers, kids bikes and even a few more exotic models.   They include helmets, chain locks, lighting, carry baskets and the same bell you used as a kid.

You can rent bikes from Bikeman at the following Key West locations:
Southernmost Hotel, - 1319 Duval Street
Southernmost Beach Resort, - 510 South Street
The Casa Marina Resort, - 1500 Reynolds St
The Reach Resort, - 1435 Simonton St.
Red Doors Gallery, - 812 Caroline Street,
Miami Subs, - 1801 N. Roosevelt Blvd
Sunshine Rentals - 301 Duval St. ,
Sunshine Rentals, 1910 North Roosevelt Blvd. 
Bike Man Bike Rentals in Key West
Eaton Bike Rentals
Eaton Bikes - Featuring great rates and free delivery!
Located at:  830 Eaton Street
Eaton Bike rentals offers a wide selection of bikes to choose from with prices as low as $45 for a weekly bike rental.   With all of Eaton's Bike Rentals you will receive free delivery, helmets, bicycle locks, lights, and free roadside assistance during operating hours.

You will need to reserve your bike in advance except for the cruiser lineup which they always have in stock.  They also offer discounted rates for longer term bike rentals.  Eaton Bike Rentals features some of the best deals on a Key West bike rental we've found.

Shop Hours:
Monday - Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am - 12:00 noon

Eaton Bikes Weekly Bike Rental Rates
3 Wheel Trike              $65
Beach Cruiser              $55
Hybrid                         $95
Pull Trailer                   $85
Tandem Seats              $95
Kids Cruiser                 $45
Trail a Bike                  $45
Ladies with kids seat    $65
Men's with kids seat     $65
Road Bike                   $150
We Cycle Key West - One of the largest bike rental outfitters south of Miami!

Bike Rentals:  (305) 292-3336   Service: (305) 294-7433

We Cycle Key West has two locations to choose from, one in Old Town and one located in New Town.  The Old Town locations is at: 326 Southard St. and their New Town location is on the east side of Key West at:  5160 U.S. 1.   Their hours are 9am - 6pm daily except for Sunday which is a 5:00pm closing time.

We Cycle offers free drop off and pick up service as part of the bike rental agreement.  They also offer free roadside assistance if you rented your bike through them.   They offer roadside assistance for a fee if you rented your bike with another outfitter or have your own bike.
We Cycle Bike Rentals
Pirate Scooters - Free Gas and Refills

877-PIRATE-6 or 305-295-0000

Pirate Scooter Rentals features two locations  Address #1: 401 Southard Street    Address #2 112 Fitzpatrick St, Key West - (one block from the cruise ship docks)

It's no secret that the streets are a little constricted and parking can be hard to find downtown at Duval Street.  The best solution to the problem is by renting a bike or scooter from Pirate rentals.  They also offer gas golf cart rentals and electric car rentals. 

Pirate Scooters is one of the few rental companies that offer damage waivers as a rental option.  They also offer  free gas and refills if you rented a gas vehicle from them and will also pick up up for free if you choose to rent from them.

They have a well trained staff waiting to assist you.  They are open seven days a week from 9:00am to 7:00pm.
Island Safari Rentals
305) 414-8142
424 Greene Street

Island Safari Rentals is located just two blocks away from the cruise ship docks in Old Town Key West next to the original Sloppy Joes location.   They offer a nice selection of bikes and accessories including baby seats, kid tug-alongs, trailers and tandem bikes.

They offer excellent pricing including weekly discounts and are open from 8:00am until 6:00pm daily.  You will also receive a 10% discount when you book online with them.   They offer free pickup and delivery and have a few separate locations at select hotels.

Island Safari Bike and Scooter Rentals
Barefoot Billy's
tel:  305 900-3088

Barefoot Billy's offers bike rentals, and single or double seater scooter rentals.   Barefoot Billy's has four different island locations to choose from.

Bike Rentals
Adult Cruiser Single Day Bike Rental - $20

Additional Days Up to 6 Days - $20

Weekly Rentals From - $60

Monthly Bike Rentals - $240

Single Seater Scooter Rentals

Four Hour Scooter Rental - $45

Twentyfour Hour Rentals - $65

Additional Days Per Day, 2-4 Days Max - $45

Weekly Scooter Rentals 5-7 Days - $250

Two Seater Scooter Rentals
Four Hour Scooter Rental - $65

24 Hour Rentals - $85

48 Hour Rental - $150

Additional Days Per Day, 2-4 Days Maximum - $45

Weekly Rentals 5 to 7 Days - $250

4 Convenient Locations to Choose from.

Casa Marina Resort - 720 Seminole Street Key West, Florida 33040

Reach Resort - 700 Waddell Avenue, Key West, Florida 33040

Marriott Beachside Resort - 3841 N Roosevelt Boulevard,  Key West, Florida 33040

Garrison Bight Marina 719 Palm Ave -  Key West, FL 33040
Barefoot Billys Bike Rentals in Key West
The Bike Shop - In business for over 39 years.

1110 Truman Ave.

The Bike Shop brings over thirty plus years of experience and a mom and pop attitude when it comes to servicing their customers.   Their main business in selling and servicing bikes but they offer a quality line of bikes for you to rent.  They offer a full line of bike accessories.

Their bike rental rates are jsut $12 per day or they offer a discounted weekly bike rental rate of $60 for a week.  They include safety helmets, chain locks and carry baskets with each rental.
The Bike Shop bike rental logo
Sunshine Rentals - Two Convenient Locations to Choose From
(305) 294-9990
Location #1:    1910 N. Roosevelt Blvd.      Location #2:    301 Duval St., Rear - (corner of Duval & Caroline)

With two locations to choose from plus the largest visitor center on the island, Sunshine Rentals is a great place to rent a bike or scooter.   They have two seat scooters and many types of bikes available along with two, four and six seat electric cars for rent.  They also offer gas golf cart rentals.

Sunshine Rental offers free customer pickup anywhere in Key West or Stock Island.   They are open from 9:00am to 4:00pm daily.
Sunshine Scooter Rentals in Key West
Island Bicycles Logo
Island Bicycles - In business for over 19 years!

(305) 292-9707
Island Bicycle rentals pride themselves on their service and solid reputation.  They are a smaller shop but offer a good range of bike rentals to choose from.  They offer competitive bike rental rates as you will see listed below:    They are open 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.   They also offer weekly discounts.

Bike Rental Rates
Road Bicycles.............$40 per day / $200 per week
Beach Cruisers............$12 per day / $60 per week
Hybrid Bikes...............$17 per day / $85 per week
Kids Bicycles.............  $12 per day / $60 per week
Pull behind Trailers.......$17 per day / $85 per week
3 Wheel Bikes.............$17 per day / $85 per week
Baby-Seat Bikes...........$17 per day / $85 per week
Fun Rentals - Featuring the largest selection of bikes on the island!

(305) 906-0721
Located at:  2502c N Roosevelt Blvd

Fun rentals offers bike, scooter, golf cart,  and the unique two seat scootercoup rental.   They offer long term discounted rates and advance reservation discounted rates. 

They also offer free shuttle service to and from your hotel.
Two Seat Scooter Rental
The Moped Hospital - We are the oldest scooter rental company on the island!

Located at:   601 Truman Ave.

The Moped Hospital offers some of the best deals you will find in Key West for scooter and bike rentals.  Their bike rentals are custom made and feature high handles, specialty geared, comfort seats and baskets.   They also have bikes with baby seats and adult tricycles... all priced at $12.00 for the first day, $8.00 each additional day, or just$40.00 for the entire week.

One seater scooter rentals rent for just $35 for the day or $40 for overnight.  They are $150 for the week which is a great deal.    Customers do not pay in advance, when you return your scooter you will be charged the least expensive rates.

Two seat scooter rentals are for experienced drivers only.  They rent for $55 per day , $65 for overnight and $255 for the week. Carrying capacity weight is 550 lbs.

They don't offer free shuttle service to and from your hotel but the price of your bike or scooter will make up the difference if you need a taxi ride to get to their location.
Moped Rentals Hospital located at Truman Ave in Key West
Fury  Rentals - One of Key West's largest watersport companies.

(888) 976-0899
Located at:  1200 Duval St.

Fury Watersports is best know as one of Key West's larges watersport companies.   They do however offer bike rentals at the 1200 Duval St. Location.   Bike rentals start at $15 per day and $10 for additional days or $55 for the week.   You can book your bike rental online with them in advance.

Fury doesn't offer a variety of specialty bikes like most of the bike rental outfitters offer.  If you're looking for a decent price on a no frills bike Fury will fit the bill.   Fury's uni sex bikes come with helmets, lights and bicycle chain locks.   They do offer free pick up and delivery during working hours which are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Two people on Fury Bikes
Conch Scooters - Featuring the best delivery hour options.


Located at:  Delivery Only

Conch Scooters offers both bike and scooter rentals with very competitive rates.   They are a 100% delivery only operation.   Their delivery hours are between 8:00am and 10:00pm., which is the best flexibility we've found for delivery. Most of the other rental companies stop delivery between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

For scooter rentals they will provide free expert training.

Bike Rentals
Beach Cruiser     Daily $15       Weekly  $50       Extra Days  $10
Geared Bikes      Daily  $20      Weekly  $70       Extra Days  $15

Scooter Rentals           
Single Scooter                     Daily  $50         Weekly   $150            Extra Days  $30
Economy Double Scooter          Daily  $60         Weekly   $175            Extra Days  $40
Deluxe Double Seat Scooter      Daily  $70          Extra Days  $200        Extra Days  $50
Conch Scooter Rental logo
A & M Rentals - Featuring two locations to choose from!

Location One 
523 Truman Ave, 33040
(305) 896-1921

Location Two
513 South Street,
(305) 296-0514

A & M Rentals offers scooter, bicycle, mopeds and electric car rentals.   They offer free customer pick up and drop off with a rental.  They offer competitive rates but will charge you more for special events and holidays.   Their hours of operation are from 9:00am until 7:00 pm.

Scooter rentals are $35 per day for a one seater and $55 for a two seat model.  Weekly & long term discounts are available.   Bike rentals are $10 per day if returned the day you rent or $15 for 24 hour rentals.   Long term discounts are available with a minimum of eight days.  

A & M Rentals only scored 2.7 out of 5 with 109 google reviews which may be something to consider.
A & M Rental logo
Fantastic Resort Accommodations in Key West, Florida!
The 1800 Atlantic Resort condominiums features many of the most luxurious Key West condos for rent on the island.  The resort property is located right on the beach.  We have a great variey of vacation rental properties to choose from.
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